Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween was a fun time for the Gunter Family.  We started off with a trip to the Pumpkin Patch in Calera!  Lillian loved it and Mommy and Daddy enjoyed seeing Lillian have so much fun!

The next big event was the day care Halloween Parade!  Lillian was the cutest little piggy:)

And the big first trick or treating experience was a blast!  Our little piggy was tired, but made it through!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012 Summer Beach Trips

Our first beach trip was an impromptu vacation to Orange Beach with my parents, my brother (& Nicole {my sister-in-law to be} & Elisa{my niece to be})!  We had a great time away from the daily grind of work and with people we love and cherish. 

Quality time with Daddy on the beach!

Nana and Papa bought this precious ensemble for Lillian last summer while on a trip to Hawaii!  We surprised them during our vacation to Orange Beach and let her strut out of our room with her hula outfit on for the family to make a big "fuss" over her! Lillian was very excited about her hula skirt:)

 Elisa and Lillian while we wait for a table at LuLu's


Papa & Lillian!

The newly engaged couple:)  My brother Zac, and his fiance Nicole!

Our next beach trip was to Destin.  My fam always went to Destin when school was out every summer when we were growing up and it was great to go back as a family and enjoy vacation there so many years later and now with our family that is continuing to grow:)
 Fun on the train at The Trak

 I wish I could've ridden with her! She kept looking at me and Tony as if she wanted to say, "Why aren't y'all on this ride with's so much fun!"

 Elisa and her cousin having fun on the bumper boats!
 Notice Zac is trying to get away from those crazy girls who have gotten him soaking wet:)  ha!
 Love that smile!

 One last ride on the carousel before heading back to the condo to get ready for bed!

We tried to get a good family picture.  Lillian wasn't the happiest in the world and really wanted to get to Another Broken Egg for breakfast, so this is what we ended up with....not too bad! 

What a wonderful summer of family vacations!

Father's Day

Tony was kind enough to travel to Anniston so we could be with my Daddy on father's day and celebrate both of them on their special day!  I love these candid shots of our fun weekend and Nanna and Papa's house.

I love it when Lillian wake's up with "bed head":)  Sweet moments shared with Daddy! 

Gettin' into Momma's purse!

April Trip to the Georgia Aquarium

 Lillain was very excited to be in the Aquarium!  It was hot standing in that long line outside:)

You may notice a change of clothes from this picture.  Well, Lillian had some milk and goldfish crackers (appropriate for the an aquarium snack, right?) and then seemed to get a little over-heated. So we had a little spit up on Daddy's shoulder and Lillian's dress while walking through one section of the aquarium!  Lillian had a change of clothes, but Daddy didn't!  Ha:)

Looking at the Beluga whale!  Fun times:)